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                        Memoir  –  a Gift of Love

     Is the true story of the author's journey to earn the privilege of the companionship of a loving Guide Dog, an incredible buddy, a miracle with four paws, a wagging tail and wet nose.

      The possibility of a whole new world lay before him if only he could surmount his emotional doubts, pain, and critical self appraisal, not to mention the grueling physical requirements. Encouraged by family and friends, he braved a path fraught with emotional and physical challenges one would never suspect.

      To his great surprise, he discovered the support of a wonderful widespread caring community deeply dedicated to breeding, raising, training, and matching blind people with dogs.

      Enter the world of pairing Guide Dogs with an untrained blind person to learn how to independently navigate across difficult terrains — including dangerous traffic filled city streets In both daylight and dark nights, crowded sidewalks and airports, aboard planes, trains, boats and buses.

      Celebrate with the author the incredible joy in reclaiming independence and exhilarating freedom!

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